“Eating disorders are most commonly associated with teenagers and college students.”

While many teenagers in the United States suffer from various types of eating disorders, the struggles of adults with eating disorders often go overlooked and untreated. In fact, binge eating disorder is more prevalent in adulthood compared to other types of eating disorders. Eating disorders in adults can be triggered by a multitude of factors, including genetics, past trauma, and health complications like Crohn’s disease or gastrointestinal issues that negatively impact their diets. Frequently, when adults seek medical attention, they are misdiagnosed. Severe dieting can alter the brain’s perception of food, leading to an extreme fear of weight gain and distorted body image. This often results in malnourishment, even for individuals with larger bodies.

Seeking Eating Disorder Treatment as an Adult

Seeking treatment for adults with eating disorders poses an added challenge due to their existing responsibilities and commitments. Many parents or professionals have learned to adapt their lives around the disorder, making the idea of seeking inpatient or outpatient treatment appear daunting, if not impossible. However, at Prosperity Eating Disorders and Wellness Center, we understand the unique challenges adults face in seeking treatment for eating disorders. OK Magazine says: “Baker has found that adults often feel alone in their disorders and feel ashamed about reaching out for help, so the group therapy sessions act as a way for them to connect with other adults who share the same struggles.” 

Tailored Eating Disorder Treatment for Adults at Prosperity

Established in 2012, Prosperity Eating Disorder and Wellness Center proudly serves individuals in Virginia through two convenient locations: Northern Virginia and Coastal Virginia. Our comprehensive approach addresses the nutritional, psychological, psychiatric, and emotional needs of both teenagers and adults struggling with eating disorders.

For adults seeking support at Prosperity, our specialized programs encompass a range of therapeutic modalities. This includes immersive group therapy sessions, individualized sessions with experienced therapists and dietitians, and the valuable experience of sharing meals with a supportive community. We understand that adults may often feel isolated in their journey, which is why our group sessions provide a vital space for connecting with others facing similar challenges.

Misconceptions and stigmas surrounding adult eating disorders are actively tackled through our group therapy sessions. We recognize that some may hesitate to seek help out of concern for being in a group with teenagers. Therefore, we offer a distinct program tailored specifically for adults. Here, discussions revolve around adult-centric topics, such as managing an eating disorder while navigating professional responsibilities, parenthood, marriage, and caregiving.

At Prosperity, we understand the importance of accommodating diverse schedules. Our offerings include both day and evening programs to suit the needs of both adults and adolescents. For those preferring virtual treatment options, our telehealth services ensure access to care from the comfort of your own space. With clinics located in Norfolk and Herndon, Virginia, we welcome individuals of all ages, genders, and types of eating disorders, accepting most insurance plans.

Virginia’s Boutique Eating Disorder Treatment Center


At Prosperity Eating Disorders & Wellness Center, we are dedicated to providing evidence-based, individualized treatment for eating disorders across all age groups, ethnic backgrounds, and genders.

Our approach addresses psychological, nutritional, emotional, and relational needs, guiding individuals toward a full recovery. We specialize in treating a range of disorders including Anorexia, Bulimia, EDNOS, Orthorexia, and Binge Eating Disorder.

Take the first step towards recovery with Prosperity Eating Disorders & Wellness Center today!

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