Prosperity’s eating disorder specialists will give you expert and compassionate treatment for your journey to a full recovery.

About Prosperity Eating Disorders and Wellness Center

eating disorder & wellness center virginia philosophy program
eating disorder & wellness center virginia philosophy

Program Philosophy

Prosperity provides a warm, therapeutic environment with treatment programs that are designed to meet the nutritional, psychological, psychiatric, and emotional needs of clients with eating disorders. Our clinical experts, deeply versed with extensive experience in treating eating disorders, deliver effective, efficient care in a nurturing and friendly atmosphere.

We believe that the best treatment plans are unique to the patient’s personal needs, strengths, and interests. To ensure the best care, we group individuals by age in small, supportive settings.

At Prosperity, we firmly believe in the possibility of full recovery from eating disorders. Recognizing that these disorders manifest for various reasons, we prioritize not only physical healing but also address the emotional and relational wounds that may underlie them. We actively engage families in their loved one’s care.

Our approach is rooted in Health at Every Size, All Foods Fit, and individualized compassionate treatment. We draw on evidence-based therapies such as CBT, DBT, ACT, and RO/DBT, complemented by holistic approaches.

Our dedicated team serves the communities of Coastal and Northern Virginia, extending our support to Norfolk, Virginia Beach, Newport News, Hampton, Chesapeake, Suffolk, Portsmouth, Loudoun County, Herndon, Fairfax County, and the surrounding areas.

Nutritional Philosophy

At Prosperity, we believe that all foods can fit into a nutritionally balanced lifestyle. We work alongside our clients to create a meal plan that has been individualized for them in a way that promotes self-efficacy and a positive relationship with food. We believe in challenging the diet mentality and that you truly can have health at any size. Most clients begin with a structured meal plan individualized for their specific needs and to encourage normalization of eating patterns.  We use a plate-based system that allows the client to pay attention to portioning and nutrient balance. But we can also use exchange-based plans if that is best for the client.

During meals, they will challenge their eating disorder thoughts, table behaviors, fear of foods, and food rules and rituals. During their treatment process, clients will be presented with exposures such as portioning practice, grocery outings, restaurant outings, cooking groups, challenge snacks, and more. Each meal includes processing time for the clients to discuss their challenges and determine what skills are most helpful to them and how to continually move towards recovery. As clients begin to stabilize and become more in tune with their hunger and fullness cues, their team will transition them towards an intuitive eating plan that will provide them with true food freedom. Our goal is to not just overcome the eating disorder but to set our clients up for a lifetime of success.

What, when, why, and how you eat are critical components of your medical, emotional, and physiological eating disorder recovery care. Here at Prosperity, your clinical nutrition expert is an integral part of your recovery team.

Our Registered Dietitians not only educate our clients about food and physiology they also:

  • Teach therapeutic eating and cooking skills in a full kitchen
  • Foster clients’ eating mindfulness and self-awareness
  • Enable clients to understand, determine, and discontinue destructive eating patterns while constructing new strong, restorative eating patterns
  • Enable clients to specifically understand and change emotional associations with food
  • Strategize to determine obstacles to healthy nourishment while finding specific, healthful solutions
  • Promote clients’ eating and exercise self-regulation and awareness
  • Empower clients to know, understand, and change their current internal dialogue and beliefs surrounding food, eating, body weight, and exercise allowing them to transform their mindset to be congruent with a recovery pattern.
eating disorder & wellness center nutrition philosophy
eating disorder & wellness center virginia nutrition philosophy
eating disorder & wellness center virginia nutrition

A Message From Prosperity’s Founder, Heather Baker, LCSW-S, CEDS-S

Our Programs

Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP)

  • Monday-Friday from 8am-3pm.
  • For adults 18 years and older or Children/Adolescents 10-17 years old.
  • Programming includes twice-weekly therapy, twice-weekly nutrition counseling, weekly psychiatry, family/team meetings, and family therapy.
  • Prosperity uses the evidenced-based therapies of DBT, CBT, RODBT, and ACT.
  •  Art therapy, yoga therapy, and meditation are among some holistic therapies. 
  • Clients will have two meals and two snacks while in the program in a supportive and nurturing environment.
  • Chef-made meals that include vegetarian options. 
  • Discounted rates at a nearby motel are offered.  Housing for PHP

Intensive Outpatient Treatment (IOP) – In Person 

  • We provide intensive outpatient treatment (IOP) for all ages, genders, and types of eating disorders for the pursuit of a full recovery.
  • Prosperity’s Teen IOP is for ages 10-17 and meets three nights a week from 5pm-8pm.
  • Adult IOP is for ages 18 and above and also meets three nights a week from 5pm-8pm.
  • Age Groups are separated to best meet the needs of the patients.

In-person programming includes supportive meals, CBT, DBT skills groups, process groups, Body Image, Art Therapy, and Nutrition groups. Individual Therapy and Nutrition Counseling are included on a weekly basis.

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