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Virginia’s Premier Outpatient Eating Disorder Treatment Center

Prosperity Eating Disorders and Wellness offers evidence-based, comprehensive and holistic treatment to individuals struggling with eating disorders, depression, anxiety, and self-esteem. Our goal is to help sufferers find a full recovery by meeting their psychological, nutritional, spiritual, emotional and relational needs.

Services we provide

We specialize in treating Anorexia, Bulimia, EDNOS, ARFID and Binge Eating Disorder, as well as, Anxiety and Depressive Disorders and Trauma.

Prosperity is a gender inclusive facility serving both adolescents (12 to 17) and adults (18+).

We are in network for our Intensive Outpatient Program and our Partial Hospitalization Program with Aetna, Anthem, BCBS Federal, HealthKeepers and Carefirst.

At this time, we are only in-network with Aetna for outpatient services.

Prosperity was designed to meet the  nutritional, psychological, psychiatric, and emotional needs of clients with eating disorders for a number of reasons:

  1. We are conscientious about the amount of time, energy and resources it takes for someone to be treated in a comprehensive and integrative way. Prosperity created a place where one can receive all their treatment under one roof.
  2. We believe that the client’s treatment team should be able to interface, coordinate and communicate efficiently for the benefit of the client.
  3. We believe that every individual has specific needs and differences and their treatment should be as individualized as they are. By using holistic modalities such as art, equine or other expressive therapies, a client will be able to explore their feelings, thoughts and behaviors in a way that is meaningful to them.
Partial Hospitalization Program

Partial Hospitalization Program

Prosperity’s adolescent Partial Hospitalization Program was created for the specific needs of adolescent development and recovery in mind by using evidenced based and holistic therapies. Treatment consists of group therapies, meal challenges, cooking experiences, grocery shopping, meal outings, art therapy and yoga therapy,  individual therapy, nutrition counseling and psychiatric care.

Group therapies are focused on relationships, self- esteem, body image, and anxiety and depression.

Our program is ideal for those stepping down from residential treatment centers or stepping up for intensive outpatient and outpatient care.

Prosperity offers the step down services of intensive outpatient and outpatient care.

Our adolescent program specializes in the ages of 12-18 years old and is appropriate for all genders. Medical stability is a requirement.

Program runs  8am-3pm, Monday – Friday.

Call 703-466-5150 for more information or schedule an intake.

Intensive Outpatient Program

Eating Disorder Intensive Outpatient Treatment

Prosperity’s premier Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) is comprehensive, evidence-based, and offered to both male and female adolescents and adults. We believe that the best treatment plans are unique to each person’s needs, strengths, and interests.

Our IOP program is a great step-down from a partial hospitalization or residential treatment center or if outpatient therapy is not enough.

Our program runs three nights a week for three hours a night, from 5pm-8pm. Prosperity offers individual therapy and  nutrition counseling by eating disorder specialists who are motivated to help each client full recover.

Individual Therapy

Our eating disorder specialists offer individual therapy services during the day and in the evening to best fit your scheduling needs. Using a wide variety of therapeutic tools such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Dialectical Behavior Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, interpersonal approaches, art therapy, equine-assisted therapy, and Christian Counseling, Prosperity therapists work with clients to reach their potential and realize full and lasting recovery.

Family Therapy

Family Therapy is essential to eating disorder treatment. At Prosperity, family work can involve the entire family working on dynamics or can take a more focused approach on the eating disorder. For example, our therapists trained in Family Based Therapy (Maudsley approach) help families to work with their child on weight restoration and a return to health.

Nutrition Services

Registered Dietitians

Nutrition is a critical component in eating disorder recovery. Prosperity is fortunate to have Registered Dietitians with  eating disorder expertise and are amazing, caring and knowledgable practitioners.


Prosperity offers a variety of group and individual wellness activities to enhance our holistic approach to recovery. Services include yoga, acupuncture, Tai Chi, and exploration of essential oils for physical and psychological well-being.

Calendar of Events


Free Family Support group (for those that have a family member with an eating disorder). First and Third Monday of the month at 5pm. Open to the community.

Come Walk with us to raise Eating Disorder Awareness this Saturday. Join Team Prosperity

Email or call 703-466-5150 to register for any event. 


Free Family Support Group and open to the community from 6-7 pm on the first and third Tuesday of the month.

April we will be meeting on the 9th and the 23rd.


JOIN team Prosperity at the Richmond 2019 NEDA Walk


Read What Our Patients Have to Say

  • I greatly appreciate the environment my practitioners have cultivated—challenging, reflective, and safe.

  • I loved Ashley and Emily! I always felt heard and understood and felt they held space for me. I of course also learned from them in early recovery, which was so imperative.

  • Adrianna is truly amazing! I am able to connect with her in such a way that recovery actually seems possible and closer each day. To put it bluntly, she’s no BS...she tells it like it is, and will call you (me) out if/when needed, while simultaneously remaining empathetic and compassionate. Love ️ her!

  • I love my sessions with Ashley. I never feel like she tells me what to do or gives me the answers directly. I appreciate her approach through a line of questioning which helps me answer my own dilemmas.

  • Happy with my treatment!

  • Ashley was terrific. Always felt comfortable.provided good feedback to parents with helpful advice.

  • Susan Kouzel is wonderful and has done so much to help my daughter. She provides feedback weekly which is very helpful.

  • I am very happy with my provider. They listen and really care about my progress. They assist me in my wellness inside and outside of the clinic.

  • I currently see the therapist, nutritionist and RN (for meds). I find Prosperity would benefit from a centralized scheduling system so I can make appointments via a receptionist. Scheduling with each practitioner is not easy if you want to try to make an appointment with everyone on the same day.

  • We worked with Susan the dietician and I can only tell you how incredible she has been with my daughter and me. She listened to our concerns and addressed my daughter as an adult and someone in control of her own recovery. We have had incredible success and we owe that to Susan. She gave my daughter the ability to understand the process and mapped it out for her step by step to make it easier on her. My daughter does not have an eating disorder, but had lost an intense amount of weight due to another medical condition. Being an athlete as well, lead to many problems in gaining the weight back. Susan knew the issues, was very well educated and versed in dealing with the multitude of problems going on. My daughter has gained 15 lbs 2 months and is back to her regular self. Thank you! 🙂

  • they take very good care of me and have my best interests in mind. They never want to make me feel uncomfortable.

  • My practitioner has taught my daughter and me so much about what we are trying to do for her health. The end goal is obvious but the physical complexities for reaching that goal are not. My practitioner is really good at explaining the why behind the what.

  • Everyone makes me feel very safe and welcomed and they make sure to listen to what your goals are and what your comfortable doing and not doing

  • Adrianna and Susan are amazing!

  • They normalize but also understand the extent and intensity of my fears about recovery. I look forward to sessions knowing I will be validated, and I leave feeling stronger.

  • I appreciate that Kate familiarized herself with 12-step groups after I indicated my involvement with AA and desire to augment my treatment with this process. Both Kate and Susan provide insightful facilitation in my treatment and recovery

  • My individual provider, Adrianna, was the most effective therapist I've had in not only helping me better understand myself and my eating disorder, but providing ways to recognize the triggers and how to prevent them in college. I am doing far better than where I was last year, and my relationship with my family is 100% healed.

  • I work with Adriana Marti and absolutely love her. She’s is one of the best therapists I’ve worked with because i found it really easy to connect with her. She listens great and is really quick to pick up on my emotions and if I’m doubtig things or holding back and is encouraging with her advice and counsel. I can tell she really cares about my well being and knows when to be straight up and honest with me about my situations in order to help me. I love working with her, she has helped me learn to work through so much and has helped me find confidence and really figure out what i want and take a stand for it on my own.

  • We love Adrianna!!!!!!

  • I admire how I was able to connect with my dietician on a personal level more so than a professional level. I feel like she became more of s friend than a dietician. I felt very comfortable talking to her and never felt judged. Such a cordial and safe environment.

  • Heidi is awesome an given me tools to succeed in just a short period of time.

  • I was hesitant to join an eating disorder group..specifically binge eating because I believed that it was all my fault and my inability to just "be in control"...though i'm still working on my issues...i have found that I love coming to this group and that the facilitator and women in the group really care about each other. sometimes i just sit there saying nothing or even crying...but I always feel accepted and even loved.

  • I have been struggling with my son's eating/OCD issues for many years. I finally am seeing improvement, and this is the first time he actually loves his therapists and feels that they are helping him. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

  • I really enjoy making art with my provider because it is relaxing and helps me express my feelings when I can't say them through words. The art is also a tangible thing that is representative of our session which is nice.

  • I appreciate it when they are able to help me see what I might face down the road, and how to navigate that well.

  • Adrianna is always easy to get in touch with and very responsive to our questions. She’s very outgoing, friendly and welcoming.

  • Very helpful and understanding

  • Neutritionist always has good insight on how the body processes food which encourages my daughter.

  • Art therapy with Kate has been wonderful for our daughter - this is the first therapist she has really connected with!

  • Our provider has been critically instrumental in our daughter's recovery! We feel blessed to have found her!!!

  • Kate has been wonderful in helping me see additional areas that need attention in my recovery. She has brought new therapy methods and ideas into my treatment I had not used previously and was frankly not aware of. Art therapy and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy have been very influential in helping me give myself more grace and permission to let go and/or experience my feelings, good or bad.

  • Felt incredibly supported and loved by Dr Weaver, Ashley and the dietitians I met.

  • Both registered dietitians have been excellent. The group sessions were not helpful and so the dietitians have provided excellent counseling and support.

  • Adrianna has been amazing. She is very in tune with my daughter’s challenges, works extremely well with me by providing reinforcement and encouragement, and shows a great deal of passion and commitment.

  • I absolutely love Adrianna. She’s personable, caring, thorough, spirited, and ever-so helpful. I can wholeheartedly say that she was (and is!) a huge part of my mental health journey in the most positive way possible. I’m eternally thankful for her. I’ve been seeing her for years, I wouldn’t ever go to another therapist. I’ve recommended her to lots of friends as well! There’s nothing that I could ask her to do better.

  • Adrianna was amazing! She helped our family learn how to approach the anorexic concept and learn what triggers my daughters brain to think things we were not aware of because she didn't voice . She is very knowledgeable and having lived her own experience makes empathetic to bith

  • My family love Adrianna Rodriguez! She helped save my daughter Emma's life and helped her and all of us move to happy and healthy lives. Emma developed anorexia at age 11 and through in person and online therapy Adrianna worked with us using Family Based Treatment. She's well versed, compassionate, competent and experienced. Highly recommended~

  • I really liked that my practitioners developed a personal relationship with me, I wasn't just another client to them.

  • Have had various individual providers. Best one is Adrianna - thorough, relatable, helpful, wonderful personality, awesome interactions. Great counsel!! The best!!

Prosperity is open as long as the county government is open. 

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