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School is winding down, vacations from work are beginning, and all the down time can wreak havoc on recovery. If you are in need of some motivation to stay on your recovery path, bring these books along on your summer journeys and find some inspiration!
Good Eating Disorder Books!
  • Life Without ED~~ Jenni Schaefer
  • Reclaiming Yourself from Binge Eating~~ Leora Fulvio
  • Your Are Not Alone~~ Shannon Cutts and Andrea Roe
  • Chasing Silhouettes~~ Emily T. Wierenga
  • Goodbye ED, Hello Me: Recover from Your Eating Disorder and Fall in Love with Life~~ Jenni Schaefer
  • Mom in the Mirror: Body Image, Beauty, and Life After Pregnancy~~ Dena Cabrera, PsyD and Emily T. Wierenga
  • Shattered Image~~ Brian Cuban
  • Midlife Eating Disorders: Your Journey to Recovery~~ Cynthia M. Bulik, PhD
  • Your Dieting Daughter~~ Carolyn Costin, MFT, Med, FAED, CEDS
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