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Horses always teach us a lesson or two on mindfulness and dealing with our our feelings. During this one particular session, Solveig, our newest mare in the herd, met barn-kitty, or Mr. Barney. This time, our session focused on starting new relationships and relational competence. Solveig approached Mr. Barney cautiously, while Mr. Barney, a more seasoned barn and herd guest, proceeded to greet her trustingly. Solveig was respectful, kept the distance, respected both physical and emotional boundaries, and more importantly, was open and honest in the newly budding friendship.

Pondering on their interactions, I am wondering:

  • How do you approach new relationships?
  • How do you deem if they are safe, physically and emotionally?
  • How cautious are you?
  • Do you have preconceived ideas on who the other person is, or even, who you *should* be in relationships?
  • Do you show your true self?

As a result, Solveig and Mr. Barney are continuing to build a solid, cross-species friendship while being trustworthy co-therapists for the equine assisted psychotherapy sessions. Hope your relationships bring you the same joy as theirs!

Written by Ioana

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