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One of the group member’s from Art Therapy brought this video in to share with the group this week. We all found it to be incredibly moving, uplifting and inspirational in the group.

When sharing this video with others outside of the center, the reactions were just as strong. One person reacted by saying that the poet is right about how we as women are trained to be submissive. Another said that the poet is right in that we model our parents and often believe that we are unworthy. She then continued to wonder whether it is always a “woman thing.” Could this poem have also been about a shrinking man? However, in our culture, it seems most typical that a woman learns submission while a man learns dominance.

How many times have you started a question with an apology? How often have you missed out on what was going on in class or work because you were overthinking what you were hungry for or were “allowed” to eat?

What do you think? What inspires you?


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